The Miraculous Benefits Of The Humble Turmeric


What is Turmeric?
For those who are unfamiliar, the turmeric is a spice that typically resembles a ginger root. You get a bright yellowy orange powder when you grind it. It is a very popular ingredient in the cuisine of South Asia.

Why all the hype around Turmeric?
Till recently, turmeric wasn’t all that popular in Western cuisine, apart from glimpsing it in Chicken tikka masala, which surprisingly is one of Britain’s widely popular dishes. However, with several studies claiming that turmeric can heal everything from the common cold to depression, it has catapulted to fame overnight. Now, one can come across turmeric not only included in several dishes but also sprinkled on several others, including the quintessential English tea. With all the hype around turmeric, the day when you can get a cup of turmeric latter in your neighborhood Starbucks store is not far away.


What makes Turmeric so Potent?
There are more than two hundred different organic compounds in turmeric but the one that has caught the attention of scientists is the compound curcumin. This is the ingredient that is responsible for giving the orangey yellow color to turmeric. There are several studies that are currently being done on the benefits of turmeric, but they all have been limited to laboratories. Not much research has been done on humans in the real world.

However, studies claim that while turmeric has tremendous benefits, the benefits take place only when turmeric is added to food directly. Taking turmeric supplements didn’t give the same benefits as taking turmeric directly. So while scientists argue over the myriad benefits of turmeric, you can add this wonderful herb to your food by making small changes like sprinkling it over your omelets along with your chili. Or you can stay cold-free by adding it along with your daily cup of tea.

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