World’s Largest Telescope To Aid In The Search For Alien Life


Alien life has always fascinated human beings from time immemorial. Right from the time, humans have the power and means to take a closer look at outer space, we have always searched for the existence of other forms of life in our huge, wide universe. The search for extra-terrestrial life has captured the imagination of both ordinary human beings as well as scientists alike.

Scientists now have a new weapon to help them in their search for alien life. This is no ordinary gadget but the world’s biggest telescope has now been commissioned to help them in their search. The scientists now can proudly claim that they have the world’s biggest ears to help them in their journey to find alien life.


NAOC or the National Astronomical Observatories of China, earlier this week announced that they are now joining the Listen Initiative. The Listen Initiative is a $100 million dollar program that is involved in the search for alien life. This initiative is funded by Yuri Milner, an ultra-rich Russian billionaire.

The FAST telescope as it is popularly known as is a new telescope that was built only in June of this year. FAST is the acronym for Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope. This mammoth telescope was built with the sole purpose of finding alien life. Scientists involved in the construction of this huge telescope claim that it has ten times more potential than the current equipment used for the search of alien life.

The FAST now has joined the elite echelon of super powerful telescopes in the world including the Parkes Observatory telescope in New South Wales, Australia, the Green Bank telescope located in west Virginia and the Automated Planet Finder located at Lick Observatory, California. The FAST is not just a powerful telescope but it is a giant when it comes to the physical size. It is not only capable of detecting extremely weak radio signals but can also be used to follow-up the weak signals detected by other telescopes.

With FAST, one can only hope that we can make contact with alien life sooner than before.

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