Met Gala – A Union Of Couture Fashion & Technology


The annual Met Gala was held recently and the theme of this year’s exhibition is “Manus X Machina”, rather fashion trends in the age of Digital Technology. The Met Gala often dubbed as the Oscars of the Fashion World and is held to commemorate the opening of the latest exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum. This year’s theme was chosen to examine the relationship of fashion and technology and to bridge the gap between hand-crafted designs and machine made designs.

The event featured around 170 designs that were ready to wear and exhibited the trends of haute couture right from the turn of the century to the new millennium. Andrew Bolton, the curator of the costume institute looked to put an end to the long raging debate, “Is fashion an Art?” through this event. He stated that fashion is undeniably an art though it is quite functional. He says that just like art, fashion is significant and highly relevant.

There were several popular designers who displayed their pieces proudly. Some of them were Alexander McQueen, Yves Saint Laurent and Madame Gres. Iris Van Herpen, the Dutch Fashion Designer who created the first 3D printed garment was also a part of the echelon.