Digital Health To Become More Relevant In The Near Future


Gone are the days when gadgets that monitor one’s vital statistics were a figment of the rich imagination of science fiction writers and movie directors. Today, digital health gadgets have become an essential part of our life. A new survey that was conducted among pharmaceutical and life science industry experts found out that digital health monitoring gadgets will play an important role in health care. This survey was conducted by a Durham-based mobile healthcare startup, Validic. A huge number of those were surveyed reported that digital data is going to increase exponentially in the next five years.


Digital data is going to play a vital role in several spheres like finding new drugs and to help keep the costs of drugs down. A huge number of executives who took part in the survey reported that digital data is already being collected in around sixty percent of the clinical trials being done. Drew Schiller, the Founder and chief executive officer of Validic, in an interview, said that digital health technologies and health related data obtained from patients is essential to increase the efficiency of operations and to center the pharmaceutical industry on patients. A major benefit of this remotely collected data is that it is highly accurate and reduced errors significantly. Also, this method ensures the lowering of the burden on patients.

Some of the key discoveries of the survey are:
· The face of Digital health is highly changing and is undergoing a huge transition.
· It is highly imperative that drug development costs are cut down to benefit patients.
· Digital health is highly beneficial in the management of chronic diseases.
· Technical difficulties and challenges associated with the collection of data have been addressed by both pharmaceutical companies as well as technology providers.

So if you still haven’t exploited the potential of a digital health tracking gadget, then it is about time you get started.

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