Pest Control – Stink Bugs

Pest Control – Stink Bugs

Stink bugs are also known as shield bugs as their back looks like a shield, they are brown in color and are most commonly seen around gardens or farms, they lay their eggs under the flower beds, fields, shrubs etc . They are a nuisance around agriculture as they are agricultural pests and eat up leaves and crops. The stink bugs belong to a bug family called Pentatomoidea, Hemiptera. Let us look at some stink bug facts:
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The stink bugs are about the size of pumpkin seeds, they have wings, antenna, and six legs. The insects may be of different colors but most commonly they are mottled brown in color. And the back looks just like a shield and hence they are also known as shield bugs.

Scientifically they are classified under the Insecta family, in the order of Hemiptera, family Pentatomidea and the Phylum Arthropoda.

They feed on crops, fruits, soybeans, tomatoes, and other vegetables; they also eat up leaves and are also known as agricultural pests. They however don’t harm human beings directly but are indeed harmful to crops. The stink bugs get their name from the stink they give off if crushed or killed. The stink is also a defense mechanism; they give of stench if threatened too.

The stink bugs also feed on other insects and larvae of caterpillars and beetles. The adult stink bugs go into hibernation in the winter but come out of hibernation in springtime. The bugs hibernate in order to survive the harsh winter conditions and in warm climates, they live up to more than a year.

To get rid of stink bugs it is better to bring in professionals. Certified pest control will know how to control and eradicate the pest infestation not only of stink bugs but also of other pests. Some measures one can follow to curb stink bug infestation is by removing plants or weeds around the house because stink bugs like to lay their eggs under the leaves or in flower beds. Scattering kaolin clay around the house or kaolin clay solution prevents the stink bugs to reproduce or destroy crops or plants. Stink bugs love light, so they find their way into houses at night, so caulk seal can be used to seal off any cracks or crevices around the house that might act as a potential entry point for the stink bugs. If one happens to crush the bugs it will release a foul smell so it is better to use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the bugs in the vacuum bag and dispose of them far away in garbage bins. Try using some chemical repellents such as permethrin, tralomethrin, cypermethrin, cyfluthrin, horticultural oil, etc around entryways, cracks, crevices etc but be sure to use protective gloves and breathing masks before using these chemical repellents to avoid inhaling or getting in contact with them.