Finding Freedom from Frustrating Fleas

In most cases getting rid of of fleas is not DIU. Call the San Antonio Pest Control Experts

When it comes to pests, fleas are beasts! Small, but mighty,those minuscule monsters can really create chaos in your home.A Few Flea Facts Like a butterfly or moth, fleas go through acomplete life cycle (egg, larva, pupa, adult) Only adult fleas bite.Flea control

Some fleas can stay in the pupa stage for up to six months; otherfleas can hatch in a few days if the conditions are right The vibration caused by humans and animals walking or vacuuming can cause adult fleas to instantly hatch. Finding Freedom from Fleas If you suspect that you have fleas, identify the source of the problem. This especially applies to pets. If your pet dog or cat has fleas, take steps to treat the fleas on them. Then, vacuum, vacuum, vacuum. Pay particular attention to vacuum the spots where your pet commonly hangs out. i.e. A sunny spot next to the window, under the dining room table, next to the laundry basket. Dispose of the vacuum bag properly to insure that the fleas don’t infest your vacuum cleaner. Call a professional pest management company. Hey, that’s us!

We can help you identify the source of the flea problem and work with you to eliminate those pests from your home. If you have a flea treatment done in your home, here are a few important things to remember: Make arrangements to be gone for 2-4 hours sothe flea treatment has enough time to dry. Both your family and your pets need to be gone during the treatment. Clean your floor. Pick up everything, even under the bed and in your closets. This includes pet dishes. After everything is picked up, vacuum like you have never vacuumed before. It’s time to move the furniture…so that you can vacuum underneath it. Who knows what treasures you may find! Or what stash of coins may fall out. Fold over the blankets on your bed and/or couch so they are well away from the floor.

Tie window curtains or drapes to make it easier for the technician to treat your floor. Save the fish! Cover your fish tanks and turn off the air supply to the tank during the treatment. Once the flea treatment has dried and you are back in your home, continue on in your quest to be a professional vacuumer. Because of the vibrations of you and your vacuum, the remaining pupa will hatch into adults. You want the eggs to hatch so that the product in your newly-treated carpet kills them. Once you have become the vacuum master, find others (*coughyourkidsoryourfriendscough*) who you can train to follow you in your Jedi vacuum ways. If you’re feeling frisky, perhaps you can train them to do chores too.

Plumbing Services In Texas | Emergency Plumbing Service Texas

Hiring An Emergency Plumbing Service Texas For An Immediate Repair

Leaky pipes, clogged drains, gas leak, and other plumbing issues might get worst when not given with immediate attention. In this case, it is best to hire an emergency plumbing service Texas to avoid any disastrous thing to happen. They can fix everything as they are packed with the right knowledge and tools. They can identify the real problem and fix it right. Calling the attention of professional plumbers for the task will assure you to complete the repair without any delay. They can set things right in a timely manner with safety guarantee. Plumbing Repairs

If you are looking for the right emergency plumbing service Texas, you need to make sure that they give their availability 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This is to reassure that when huge leak problem suddenly occurs at midnight, there are professionals that can immediately provide a rescue. As they are committed to a 24 hour service, you can get their attention in a just a one call.

The possibility of leaking faucets, leaking pipes, drainage problems, and gas line problems can occur any moment, and hiring an emergency plumbing service Texas can handle the job immediately. The most trusted contractor has dedicated team of plumbers that possess advanced knowledge, skills, and years of experience about the field. Any serious plumbing problem can be immediately solved through the most competitive contractor that is capable of addressing any emergency plumbing concerns.

Calling out an emergency plumbing service Texas is a practical thing to do, as it will prevent any flooding and burning issues caused by a leaking water pipes and gas pipes. At Scanlon Plumbing Services, we are committed to a high quality and fast service. With our 24/7 emergency service, you can have an immediate access to dedicated and skillful plumbers who will fix your plumbing issues in a speedy manner. With our over 35 years of experience, we take pride our accuracy and dependability on the job. Our speedy service, good work ethics, and professionalism with the job will allow you to experience only the best value. Call us now and let our team handle the project with top quality results!

At Scanlon Plumbing Services our goal is to provide the highest quality work at an affordable price. Since 1986, we have consistently focused on the needs of our customers, providing personalized attention. We strongly believe in giving our customers the most for their money and we work hard to fulfill this commitment.

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World’s Largest Telescope To Aid In The Search For Alien Life


Alien life has always fascinated human beings from time immemorial. Right from the time, humans have the power and means to take a closer look at outer space, we have always searched for the existence of other forms of life in our huge, wide universe. The search for extra-terrestrial life has captured the imagination of both ordinary human beings as well as scientists alike.

Scientists now have a new weapon to help them in their search for alien life. This is no ordinary gadget but the world’s biggest telescope has now been commissioned to help them in their search. The scientists now can proudly claim that they have the world’s biggest ears to help them in their journey to find alien life.


NAOC or the National Astronomical Observatories of China, earlier this week announced that they are now joining the Listen Initiative. The Listen Initiative is a $100 million dollar program that is involved in the search for alien life. This initiative is funded by Yuri Milner, an ultra-rich Russian billionaire.

The FAST telescope as it is popularly known as is a new telescope that was built only in June of this year. FAST is the acronym for Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope. This mammoth telescope was built with the sole purpose of finding alien life. Scientists involved in the construction of this huge telescope claim that it has ten times more potential than the current equipment used for the search of alien life.

The FAST now has joined the elite echelon of super powerful telescopes in the world including the Parkes Observatory telescope in New South Wales, Australia, the Green Bank telescope located in west Virginia and the Automated Planet Finder located at Lick Observatory, California. The FAST is not just a powerful telescope but it is a giant when it comes to the physical size. It is not only capable of detecting extremely weak radio signals but can also be used to follow-up the weak signals detected by other telescopes.

With FAST, one can only hope that we can make contact with alien life sooner than before.

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